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Massage &
Injury Rehabilitation

We Treat, Fix & Cure Soft tissue issue's

We Offer:

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Muscle Blading (Gua Sha)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Myo Fascial Cupping

Power Plate Rehab

PIR/PNF Assisted Stretching

Infrared/Photo biomodulation

We Treat:

Back Pain

Migraine Headache

Neck & Shoulder Pain


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Tennis Elbow

Sprains & Strains  

Joint Inflammation 


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BetterBody Me works with you to Prevent, Treat and Rehabilitate your injury from beginning to end. We know each muscle and movement is part of a larger mechanical system and by using the right combination of complementary therapies, advanced coaching techniques and proven technology we ensure that you will get the best possible outcome, regardless of your fitness level or age (16+). When you work with us you will:

​Recover faster - Rebuild quicker - Re-engage sooner

​When we work together it's like having your own support team behind you on your journey; whether you’re an office worker feeling stiff from the hours spent behind your desk or if you're recovering from a chronic injury, if you're looking to maintain optimum fitness levels or simply want to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle, BetterBody Me has got you covered. 

​Listening to our client's individual views, needs and requirements; we can do things better, together!  

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Injury rehabilitation deep tissue lymphatic drainage sports massage Cambridge massage therapist cb3

Massaging someone's back

We offer all of our services as either 30- minute maintenance or 60- minute treatment sessions, and as discounted packages.

For more information about anything that we offer then click on the services below. Or if you would like the BetterBody team to help you to identify what you might need then drop us a message in the chat or give us a call.

Injury rehabilitation deep tissue lymphatic drainage sports massage Cambridge massage therapist cb3

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View of a massage bed with a window overlooking forestry

A: 9 Journey Campus,

    Castle Park, Cambridge, CB3 0AX


T:   01223 624 905

 On site car parking available 

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