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The most overlooked participant of successful injury rehabilitation

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Possibly the most overlooked contributor to any process of healing and rehabilitation is nutrition. Without the right fuel, and perhaps more importantly by consuming the wrong fuel your body won’t use the energy that it has in the right way; to fight for recovery.

Research has shown that many of the foods we consume these days are packed full of fillers and chemicals, which all have an effect on the body to perform at its optimum; in simple terms without the right fuel the precious energy that the body has is lost in breaking down the chemicals and ridding itself of the poisons. It has no energy to give to the healing process.

Whether you are participating in sports or recovering from an injury, you must eat the right things in order to Rehabilitate better - Recover Sooner - Re-engage quicker.

The BetterBody Me team knows that good nutrition isn’t complicated, but it is unique to everyone. The team will not only use their energy and experience in delivering the right treatment and rehabilitation, but we also look at the diet and nutrition required to get the best healing results.

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